Explore Buckets, The Marauders, and more!


Read an Harry Potter book. Come on JK. Give us one about the Marauders or Dumbledore's Biography or something!


ASL From Switched at Birth I know some! ^^ BUT: learn fluent sign language

There would be a lot of recipes

put together a cookbook, with recipes from my family, and all my favorite recipes, and pass it on to my children :)

Must do

This is my goal and I WILL finish everything on my list before the day I die

 check sorda


Before I die - Adopt a teacup yorkie. Coop is the sweetest little one I could ever hope for!

prettttty sure this will happen...



i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

Things To Do Before I Die

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Don't know is this could actually happen....

My cousins are crazy-good when it comes to solving a rubik's cube. I tried plenty of times and even had them teach me how but danngggg. I just can't solve the friggin thing. Before I die, I want to solve it. (Without cheating!


This was a family tradition while growing up with my parents. Every year in December we would go out and pick our own tree at a tree farm and my dad would cut it down.

Finish a whole tube of chapstick. () #beforeidie#finishawholetubeofchapsticks

finish a whole tube of chapstick! A fact : if you take acutane you use a tube of chapstick weekly.

Her middle name

well my grandmother's middle name. Her middle name is Lee, which was her father's name. my middle name is Lee after the two of them.

many times on different continents

the best one was when i asked did you make a wish! and he turns and says no, why do i need to make a wish when i have everything i've always wanted right here.