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A note about the Finnish language

A note about the Finnish language

thothofnorth: “ Juoksentelisinkohan: juosta:run juoksenella: to run aimlessly (pomppia pompiskella, ohittaa ohitella, avata availla, I have no idea how this construction works but this is my.

SatW is such a funny comic, and I can't help but love Finland and his anger.  It's too funny.

A Bad Day - Scandinavia and the World Aww, poor Finland, haha.

Once in Sweden, guards forgot to lock a group of prisoners in for the night, and they decided to spend the time baking chocolate cake and watching TV.

What to do what to do - Scandinavia and the World In Sweden, prison guards forgot to lock cells. Inmates used this opportunity to bake cookies and watch T.

I'm pretty sure that's just Sweden and Finland holding hands and Norway is trying to get in the way nordics

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Greatest Finnish Word Ever.

Greatest Finnish Word Ever.

Greatest Finnish word ever. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

Finnish Nightmares

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If you consider yourself an introvert then the Finnish artist Karoliina Korhonen totally understands you. By definition an introvert is someone who's shy and

The importance of spelling in Finnish

The importance of spelling