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Открытки, приглашения и т.д. | 330 фотографий

This design is simple and recognizable. The colors do a good job of representing coffee.

This is a good example of a logo. It is simple and represents the company. The different fonts and sizes show variety but they are also cohesive and work well together. The distressed look makes it look rustic which flows with the theme of coffee. It was also creative the way that the coffee beans were placed to look like a heart representing the "crush" as if you have a crush on coffee.

Crush Coffee

Crush coffee logo design with ink and paper texture. Coffee beans form a heart and enhance the name of the brand.

Coffee, Frappes, tea | Jitter's Coffee House in Millersburg, Ohio

Jitters Coffee House is the perfect place to hang out with friends while enjoying a quick snack or a delicious meal and a perfect cup of coffee. A Christian ministry shop