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Spot on!

Yep reckon this sums me up quite well!Pisces biggest fears,,,everything you are going through right now.



Pisces Personality I don't believe in this stuff but I have to say. pretty spot on.

Pisces:  "The #Pisces is deep, poetic, artistic, and mysterious...."

The Pisces is deep, poetic, artistic and mysterious. This sign has major mood swings, and they try hard to find the perfect emotional balance.

 yeap... thats how i catch em...   VC

PISCES GIRL {My husband has asked me at times to "go easy" on a person we have business with if that person might change what was said the first time! He knows I can quote that person verbatim, if necessary.

The Pisces dislikes being asked to do hard things and is sensitive and needy. WHY ARE ALL THE PISCES PINS SO NEGATIVE.

Unfortunately, my soon to be ex-husband did a bang-up job of accomplishing exactly that. No hero cookies for you Mr. Those insecure boys need to be friends)