Scumbag Sherlock

BBC's Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman as John Watson.

Aww yes. I love the fact that Molly protects Sherlock and for her is his friend. Sherlock trust her and she is at his side, even when Sherlock says bad things. I DON'T ship Sherlolly but i love their friendship.

Sally: We do not like her.

Understatement of the century. We despise Sally. We detest Sally. We loath Sally. We abhor Sally. To sum it up, we would very much like someone to slap her across the face. Until there was no skin left and she would be called freak.

Ack - me looking at this pin... "Oh look at David how cute." "Ha, ha Matt's trying, adorable." "Oh crap, Ben...it's okay just breathe." "Supernatural boys, yep, still thinking of Ben." "Oh hi there Tom. No I haven't forgotten you." "RDJ, mother of..." *falls on floor dead*

All the fandom actors duck-facing only acceptable duck face


and yet, he is every fangirl's dream

"What if he's gay? What if he's a serial killer? What if he's a gay serial killer?" "Hello, have you met the Creepypasta fandom?

I swear, my whole family laughed!

i'd say you're a popular choice at the moment gifset - - sherlock series 3 episode 2 the sign of three

fandom, you okay? obviously not.<<<I'm not okay, you wear me out

16 of the funniest Sherlock fandom moments in gifs

mrsherlockbenedictjohnlockaddict: “ I cant even … This fucking fandom my god, this is what the Hiatus does to us, we will edit everything we can get… e.g Dancing Sherlock cast. god i Love this fandom.