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I hate when people call them gay even tho these men have abs and talent

Lol anyone can look like a girl, it's just that some of these guys do better than actual girls.

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Oh my god, dying inside. xD Funniest thing I've seen all day. That's hilarious. But, yeah, I've been saying that. Puberty treated those boys WELL.

It's official:Taemin is the Kpop dude

It's official:Taemin is the Kpop dude <<< Taemin and Jungkook literally made it out of KPOP and became real memes. It started with taemin and a few months ago I saw nonkpoppers reposting memes with kookie in them and they had no idea it was KPOP related.

Zico's pics are a real life representation of how I feel about life in general most of the time. Exasperated, a little weirded out, and this causes other people's amusement.

The lovely leaders (◕‿◕✿)

Our leaders, forever upholding the true character of kpop bands

I'm sorry but this made me laugh SO HARD OMG I'm literally dying inside

Just EXO things~

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It's because of all the stuff that's been happening over the past year, it's made us all insane.


kekeke Onew is not being gay its called being fabulous~!

SHINee Key I just can't get over how GOOD he looks with dark hair!

And here I thought he should never change his hair from blonde

oml he looks so sassy i love him

that's SHINee — romanceboys: nylon magazine june issue 2017 scan.

566 Likes, 3 Comments - 080490 || 181217 ❤️ (@5hiinee) on Instagram: “”

566 Likes, 3 Comments - 080490 || 181217 ❤️ (@5hiinee) on Instagram: “”

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I bet this happened years ago but i still feel embarrassed smh