Verpackungsdesign für Who cares, von busybuilding

Agenturporträt: busybuilding

Who Cares Cat Litter // The Dieline // Designed by Busybuilding, Athens, Greece

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30 Amazing Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Design

41 30 Amazing Examples Of Eye Popping Packaging Design. I love the nostalgia of the mixed tape with the USB drive


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These clever packaging designs for Ricola's Throat Drops are the product of collaboration between Jung Von Matt, Scope Digital Studio, and Julien Canavezes.

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Packaging / cute and clever packaging design that is useful and with less waste plus includes silverware. Really fixes a problem.

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Bla-Bla Cookies packaging captures this technique in a clever design by students at Moscow's British Higher School of Art and Design: Adeliya Koldarova, Oksana Paley, Daria Sapozhnikova and Zaira Panaeva

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A concept for a takeaway beer four-pack that retains the form of the traditional beer pint using recyclable paper cups. Designed by Ivan Maximov for the Ru.

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