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Uusi painos!

Uusi painos!

John Truby, #writing

1 – Advanced Writing

Disclaimer: You can be anything you want to be! With some natural ability. In the right economy. After years of diligent study. Given ideal opportunities. By neglecting other responsibilities. You CAN be anything you want to be...but can you be EVERYTHING you want to be? -Grant Snyder Comics

In this comic, Grant Snider of 'Incidental Comics' gives us a more realistic look at what it takes to achieve your dreams.


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Day Jobs of the Poets

25 Nerdy Gifts For English Majors

amandaonwriting: It’s almost the end of National Poetry Month. Grant Snider of Incidental Comics illustrates the day jobs of 12 famous poets. Purchase your poster here

Incidental Comics: The Book of the Future - Grant Snider

The book of the future: Cartoonist Grant Snider makes an amusing commentary and prediction about the future of iPads, Kindles, Nooks and their ilk.

Billedresultat for theatre posters

I know this is not Antigone, but I like the way the photo was taken and the idea -Ren