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Capri Sun (fruit punch flavor) = I’d be pleased as “punch” if you’d be my Valentine!

Freezing Capri Sun drink pouches and using them as ice packs in your camping cooler has two benefits: They'll keep food cool; they're an icy cold drink when melted.

Any of these drinks in your fridge: | 35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

Drinks that you'll never have again. kids will remember. My personal favorites were Blue Pepsi and Orbitz

Make-Ahead Mango  Raspberry Margaritas

These would be super refreshing on a hot day like today! -- Make-ahead Mango Raspberry Margaritas. An easy and delicious drink to enjoy at summer parties!

Refreshment for the reception

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: MD 20/20

After a month of suffering through the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's cavalcade of incompetence, Bottom Shelf research coordinator Emily announced

I remember my late teens/early twenties, when this was considered the height of sophistication... we clearly weren't very sophisticated! :P

I remember my late teens/early twenties, when this was considered the height of sophistication. we clearly weren't very sophisticated!

306. Foster’s Australia – Foster’s Lager Beer

Foster beer is Australian beer. Most people think that Australians drink foster beer but this is actually not the case. Foster beer is mostly successful because of export

Sutter Home Wine Cocktail - Sweet Peach Daiquiri | Sutter Home

3 cups Sutter Home Riesling 5 cups frozen peaches frozen lemonade 2 cups ice Chopped up fruit for garnish

12 Popular Drinks Made with Jägermeister: Skip the Jager Bomb, Sip the Jagermeister and Red Bull mix slowly in this refreshing drink

10 Recipes That Prove You Should be Drinking More Jager

Jagermeister is a German herbal liqueur with a notorious reputation. While it's often served in shooters, you can also enjoy it in finer cocktails.

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu (Pokemon Cocktails) Ingredients: Pichu: ½ oz Creme de Banana ½ oz pomegranate schnapps, ½ oz Jager Pikachu: ½ oz grenadine ½ oz Creme de Banana ½ oz Captain Morgan tattoo Raichu: 1 oz Creme de Banana 1oz Jager 1oz 100 proof...

Pichu: oz Creme de Banana oz pomegranate schnapps, oz Jager pour the the creme de banana, then layer the pomegranate schnapps, then layer the Jager on top. click the pin to learn how to make pikachu and raichu cocktails

do you remember 70's | Do you remember the 60's,70's & 80's

Sour apple, my favorite! Anyone remember Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla?