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Ever wonder how some people wake up and get their run in long before you've even brushed your teeth? You know the type. They're the folks jogging by with headphones…

Healthy Motivation : 12 Simple Hacks to Finally Becoming a Morning Runner…

The Importance of Switching Up your Workout Routines A workout routine is a great thing, no matter what that routine is, if it makes you sweat you’re doing your body good. But if you always doing the same exercises, you are missing a great benefit from your workout will power. / KURU NATION KURU Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

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18 Ways to Change up Your Running Routine

90 minute rule

15 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happy And Successful

The 90 minute rule to wake up and be at your productive best. Say goodbye to grumpiness and here's to your sunny side.

RUNNING WITH OLLIE: Cause There Ain't No Party Like a Pin It Party! 25 Tips to wake up early to work out

RUNNING WITH OLLIE: 25 Tips to Wake Up Early to Workout. The feeling after working out is better than the feeling of an extra hour of sleep

Runners are in constant pursuit of a big PR. While outside factors like weather and terrain can play a role in the numbers on the clock at the finish line, the lion’s share of improvements are the result of good old-fashioned hard work. Tweak a few aspects of training and you’ll see those times creep …

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While running is an overall healthy pursuit, training often leads to a number of imbalanced movement patterns that can cause issues over the long term. As with any sport, when more »

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Most runners share the same basic goals of getting fitter and performing better. But many runners also have a goal to lose weight. There’s nothing wrong with either of those more »

3 awesome training plans for building up running endurance! | via @SparkPeople

Running Workouts to Build Endurance

Are you looking to build running endurance? If so check out these useful training plans to build running endurance!