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cabbagingcove: “ For people photographed long enough after death that decomposition had begun to deform their face, “death masks” were not uncommon. These are not the same as the castings made of the faces of the dead that are also called “death.

"Petite fille morte " Daguérrotype de 1857

"Petite fille morte " Daguérrotype de 1857

Very pretty girl

This site exists to discredit the idea of the Victorian standing post mortem photo. Post mortem photos do exist, but none of them are stand alone.

Finnland 1930

Finnland 1930

Victorian Post Mortem Photos | Victorian Post Mortem- dog

Postmortem photography or memento mori, the photographing of a deceased person, was a common practice in the and early centuries.

Finnland, 1937

Finnland, 1937

Young boy sitting, post mortem

This is a beautifully staged post mortem picture. Sad, but it was probably the only picture they would ever have to remember their beloved child. <----- Yeah, most people could only afford post mortem pictures or pictures of the dying person.

A father poses with his dead child. There are several explanations for such a common occurrence as post-mortem photography: the photo recorded major milestones of life: birth, birthday, wedding, the birth of children, grandchildren and, as a logical conclusion, death. It was part of the family chronicle.

Post mortem photography in Peru. Here an example of vitorian post mortem photography in south america, most especific, Peru.

Beautiful photo of standing post mortem girl. Note the holding stand behind her, barely visible behind her feet.

Quote: "Beautiful photo of standing post mortem girl" Answer: NO, it's a girl's communion photo