Starcraft II from Blizzard Entertainment and Sins of a Solar Empire from Iron- clad Games allow gamers to set the level difficulty for computer opponents and thus allows the gamer to decide what difficulty of competition they can handle.


StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty [Cinematic Art by David Luong

ArtStation - Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Zealot Art Direction, Jonathan Berube

Some of the development work I had the chance to oversee while given the role of VFX Art Director of the latest Starcraft II Cinematic "Legacy of the Void". The Zealot Protoss warrior was one of the main character in this episode and therefore

Starcraft - The Liberated by ~Gorrem on deviantART

Submission to the Blizzard Art Contest. Starcraft - The Liberated

StarCraft Protoss Zealot  http://samwisedidier.deviantart.com/art/Starcraft-Zealot-Concept-450378441

Protoss Zealot Concept - Characters & Art - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft Terran Firebat  http://samwisedidier.deviantart.com/art/StarCraft-Firebat-450377540

Convince me that Primaris Marines were a good idea. - "/tg/ - Traditional Games" is imageboard for discussing traditional gaming, such as board games and tabletop RPGs.

Dark Templar  by *Niking

this is my favorite unit can't wait to play him on Dark Templar / Zeratul from Starcraft Dark Templar

Starcraft Zerg

Starcraft Zerg

Zeratul Starcraft HD desktop wallpaper Widescreen High

Zeratul Starcraft HD desktop wallpaper Widescreen High