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Riikka Sormuren

Illustrations by Riikka Sormuren

‘ Riikka Sornumen was born in 1987 in Helsinki, Finland. She spent her childhood drawing Disney princesses, but later on became more interested in rendering celebrity portraits (mostly Elijah Wood) in pencil. ‘ (via IllustrationMundo)

Bernard Lorjou

Bernard Lorjou was a French Expressionist painter in the early Love these bright beautiful florals of his!

Riikka Sormunen for Keltainen Kaupunki/Yellow City

Riikka Sormunen for Keltainen Kaupunki/Yellow City

Rikka Sormunen - Google pretraživanje

Rikka Sormunen - Google pretraživanje

Riikka Sormunen, Detour

Eyes on Finnish artist Riikka Sormunen. Born in Helsinki in Riikka Sormunen is a Finnish artist who creates sensual illustrative paintings.

Riikka Sormunen

"Alien Ritual", Riikka Sormunen, watercolour and gouache, 2014

Léa Maupetit

These Things No. 64

i should have titled this post “the waiting game” as our baby is overdue and i’m just, well, waiting. waiting is boring. limbo is boring.