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HAHAHAHAHA. True directioners would get it ;)<<

True directioners would get it ;) Can someone comment and tell me is he gonna propose?

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After being In this fandom since xfactor, we deserved

Forever and always, always and forever...

The 11 Best Pieces of Fan Art Dedicated to Zayn Malik. It's been over 3 months since the official announcement of his departure,i got through it already.only bring them alllll back again.

Sept 12, 2014 at the Rose bowl ❤️❤️❤️best day ever

Sept 2014 at the Rose bowl ❤️❤️❤️best day ever

I love them all but Louis kid looks like brown haired Niall and the other looks like young Louis so switch! Me and nialls kids are adorbs

son(s). so I think my future sons are hot. and years of therapy in

Because then there would be no break ups and heart breaks <3

This exactly how I feel. I don't care so much aboit dating, of course it would be a plus but I just want to know them

<3 have to do this! ....too bad i don't have any directioner friends :(

One direction nails! Harry styles ,zayn malik ,Liam Payne, Louis ,Tomlinson and Niall horan 

I'm angry too...My friend was angry when Zayn left, before this NB news came to the surface, and now I'm sure she's very angry at Zayn.

✘ иιαℓℓ, ℓιαм, нαяяу, ℓσυιѕ ✘I'm seeing their concert in August and it hurts that I can't see Zayn.