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Article: "Millenials Aren't Lazy: They're F*cked" by Matt Bors - The best response I've read to all the posts about Millenial / Gen Y entitlement, laziness and whininess, and especially to Time Magazines' article "The Me Me Me Generation" by Joel Stein

Graduate School Comics

Matt Groening, Life in Hell: The Bitterest Person In the World

Welcome to 1952.  I'm Rush Limbaugh, and I will be your tour guide.

The GOP: Fundamentally opposed to governmental intrusion on personal rights. Except for persons with a uterus.

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The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon She'll pour for you; you'll pour your heart out to her. Confessions of a girl bartender at Lil's joint By Elizabeth Gilbert Photograph by Ronald Andren March 1997


Sassy redhead just wants to read and is having none of your s--t, Beelzebub.

Senate Could Follow House In Blocking DEA From Targeting Medical Marijuana

Senate Could Follow House In Blocking DEA From Targeting Medical Marijuana

Eric Holder Reigns in DEA Chief Michelle Leonhart for Undermining Obama’s Position on Marijuana Sentencing


Not your bitch. I hate the increasing use of the word 'Bitch' it is becoming so common place now. Stop making the use of this word acceptable!

oh yea! I will embarass my grandkids just like I did my kids!!!.

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Jonesin' For Weed: Can People Really Crave Marijuana?

You actually get a better buzz if you hold it in