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Article: "Millenials Aren't Lazy: They're F*cked" by Matt Bors - The best response I've read to all the posts about Millenial / Gen Y entitlement, laziness and whininess, and especially to Time Magazines' article "The Me Me Me Generation" by Joel Stein

Welcome to 1952.  I'm Rush Limbaugh, and I will be your tour guide.

The GOP: Fundamentally opposed to governmental intrusion on personal rights. Except for persons with a uterus.

Gutters - Issue #423 by Salgood Sam

Gutters - Issue Two Guys Fighting by Salgood Sam


Feeling anxious? A bit panicky? Fear not —...

Husband Is Shocked To See This Man In His Bedroom But Then His Wife Said This funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories marriage humor funny jokes best jokes ever best jokes - dezdemonhumoraddiction.

Here are some funky animals you won't see every day!

15 Funky Hybrid Animals That Deserve a Chance at Life

Full body education

Full body education

Taking it even further

Taking it even further

"What are you doing?"  "Makin' racists angry."  [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis, which critically examines the way characters are written into dominant narratives based on their presumed race] Source: David Willis (http://www.shortpacked.com/)

Robin from Shortpacked! makin' racists angry, by David Willis