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You Just Realized. What if actually works but there is one person in this world that's wishing for everyone's wishes to not come true.

Lol so true

And my teachers call it "nobody leaves bc they're gonna meet someone in the hallway"

I actually had to think about that for a second

Everyone's all "oh I had to think about that" and stuff, and here I am *dramatically turns phone upside down* "Hey it works!

Yup I tried jumping on my friends fan before and the wing or whatever is called broke off....... I might've been drinking a bit that night

You just realized . If a ceiling fan could support your weight I would never be bored again

Just realized

This never occurred to me! I must've been too busy rolling in my birthday money to think about it!

Teenager Posts

*pets my pet unicorn* Now that is a question.<<< oh my gosh u r amazing.