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Do all men think they have side arrangements just because somebody's been nice to them? I thought only women got so clingy if somebody holds the door open for them!

21 Chubby Chipmunk Cheeks

squirrels!!! @Amy Lyons Weaver

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery ~ UNUSUAL THINGs wild squirrels!

jemi hebben jullie me nu al gevonden... ik dacht net dat ik zo goed verstopt was! #CuteMice

jemi hebben jullie me nu al gevonden... ik dacht net dat ik zo goed verstopt was! #CuteMice

Picture Used on NSVH.  October is Squirrel Awareness Month Album.  Why is he following me?

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“I said please, just one more peanut”

Squirrel - I had two as pets. I really miss them, they were absolutely wonderful! I've never seen this beautiful coloration before, though. I wonder what this kind of squirrel is called?

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"A true cat lover cradles a newborn kitten and knows that nine lives will never be nearly enough." – – Author Unknown

A baby kitten with a pinkish nose. Does anyone know what breed this kitten is? This baby is so cute!

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A seriously adorable trio of itty-bitty baby ferrets in a glass. Cup of cuteness

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Take time to smell the flowers along the way...

Smellin' the blossoms My lil critters not only smell them they eat them.