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Is it because ppl say there's an elephant in the room (meaning theres something they're clearly avoiding?

very test: wow

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The girl who is totally not a Bieber fan at all, not one bit, nope. | 18 People Who Got Hilariously Shut Down

The girl who is totally not a Bieber fan at all, not one bit, nope.

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I found the vegan...weird Tumblr games

How to find a vegan? We have canines for a reason. How do you find a vegan at a dinner party'? Ema: I Don' t worry, they' ll let you Know. How do you find a m man Meat

Ha<<< cause they're so crumbly

"On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley granola bar how much is your life falling apart" Italys' heart after HRE left<<Nature Valley granola bar, bruh

Funny tumblr post

That got deep real fast. But imma roll with it because that perfectly depicts who I am as a person. Well, as human as someone with depression can get.