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What's cuter than one baby?

What's cuter than one baby?

because maybe older people have been through more shit than teenagers; therefore they can bitch about things more.

of bad customers are rude, entitled middle age/elderly people


I sang it in jacks voice!

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Tumblr Tuesday 9-3

Being an adult is terrifying

Funny Pictures - page 70 - The Cellars - Loamhedge Abbey Forum

This is the best thing

Brad is a funny cat name tbh

Oh my god at first I thought it said that he bit the snake

It's terrible, but I laughed

Actually when spelled out it's pronounced "Ese O Seh Kah Ese" but whatever

My dad would always say "Eso si que es", but I'd be wondering why he was spelling socks.>>>I speak spanish and this is not so accurate

I've done this, my fourteenth birthday, and a bunch of my friends spent the night. As they were leaving the next day (my actual birthday), they said, "Happy Birthday." And I was just kinda like, "Happy Birthday to you too."

<<< wait, who actually uses the word "poppet"? I thought it was just a myth.


I'm seriously dying. About to fall off the couch.

My dad worked as a security guard at a hospital and was called to restrain a crazy patient, the patient was me

one time my sister was working at home depot and got called down to help handle an outrageously angry man returning a lawnmower and it was our dad

Well my mom indirectly encouraged me to let out my inner psychopath, but every family is different


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I told this to my step-dad and he said, "No, because bombs go boom.

Well that'd srsly funny and witty XD


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