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The Mysterious Plain of Jars, Laos. Over meters high and weighing as much as 13 tons. Made from granite, calcified coral, and sandstone.

Sightseeing in the Plain of Jars (Sites I and II) and Muang Khoun   Spend the day visiting the famous PLAIN OF JARS, a vast area extending around Phonsavanh from the south-west to the north-east. Mysterious and ancient, over 300 huge stone jars apparently carved out of solid rock are scattered around the plateau. The jars vary in size from 1 to 3.25 meters high and weigh up to six tons each.

Laos is one of the few truly exotic travel destinations left in the world. With a 'back-in-time' feel, you are guaranteed a roller coaster of a cultural ride in exploring this country.

‪#‎Laos‬ ‪#‎Travel‬ The mysterious Plain of Jars. Thousands of giant stone jars are scattered about the Xieng Khouang plain in Laos. Excavation by Lao and Japanese archaeologists has supported the conclusion that these were funeral megaliths, with the discovery of human remains, burial goods and ceramics found in association with the stone jars. The Plain of Jars is dated to the Iron Age (500 BCE to 500 CE).  Image: Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ

Hundreds of gigantic stone "jars" of undetermined origin are strewn across the grassy plateau of Xieng Khuang Province.

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Currently (2006) 78 dolmens are documented in the island of Sardinia, all located in its northern half. Widespread, especially in the Gallura region during the Neolithic dolmen structure is then developed and propagated Eneolithic until the early stages of the Bronze Age, in competition with other types of burial hypogeic (Domus de Janas).

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What was the purpose of building these strange Tibetan towers? They are commonly referred to as Tibetan or Qiang Towers, after the Qiang ethnic group.


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La leyenda y el misterio rodean esta antigua estructura. Nadie sabe cuántos años tiene, o quién y por qué lo construyó. Las estimaciones para su edad varían 800-2600 años. Estructura defensiva, falro, templo de Zoroastro, un observatorio, un Dakhma (lugar para la disposición de los muertos), os expertos parecen no poder decidirse.

Located in former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan (ancient Iranian province of Arran)(or Maidens Tower), the oldest and most famous building in the countrys capital, Baku. Estimates for its age vary from eight hundred to two thousand six hundred years.

Madara Rider: The Mysterious Stone Horseman of Bulgaria-The Madara Rider sits 246 feet above ground, on a cliff face in the Madara Plateau of northeastern Bulgaria. The relief is inaccessible, adding to its mystery. How were they able to create it?   Including the inscription in Medieval Greek, the rider covers close to 1400 square feet on a vertical 328 foot cliff face. The horseman is depicted in a hunting scene, spearing a lion. The lion is being trampled by the horse and a dog is…

Мадарски конник/ The Mysterious Stone Horseman. The Madara Rider sits 246 feet above ground, on a cliff face in the Madara Plateau of northeastern Bulgaria. The relief is inaccessible, adding to its mystery.

The Mysterious Plain of Jars: Thousands of giant stone jars scattered around the Xieng Khouang plain, in Laos form one of the most bizarre archeological collections in history. Although it has been determined they are over 2000 years old, no one has yet been able to determine who built them and for what purpose. Made of sedimentary rock, like sandstone or granite, and calcified coral, the jars weigh up to 13 tons and are between 1 and 3 meters high.

The Plan of Jars: Thousands of giant stone jars scattered around the Xieng…