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Jane lane

Trent Lane: Um, why do you want to go to art college? Jane Lane: I know, but I want to be a starving artist so I need to ring up more debt.

Coping mechanisms. Can you really blame her? | 18 Horrific Altered Disney GIFs That Will Give You Nightmares

Coping mechanisms. Can you really blame her?

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Alcohol and tobacco kill more people then Coke and heroin combined. Marijuana is responsible for 0 death's

Cannabis Couture and Smoke Boutique. Weed leaf fashion and girly pipes. Weed jewelry and other smoking accessories for girls who smoke!

Dorthy's Got The Dank #marijuana #cannabis

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Nuns Having Fun from the 1950s and 1960s (via Cultural Catholic and Mashable/ Retronaut)

Black & White Graham Bromley, Dirty Habit Not all who are virtuous are vice-free, as witnessed in this amusing snapshot of a group of nuns enjoy a cigarette break.