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decapitated cow - More than 150 Billion  is the number of animals killed in the world per year  by the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries

decapitated cow - More than 150 Billion is the number of animals killed in the world per year by the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries

These cows have been implanted with ruminal cannula. This system applied to some animal veterinarians, which is to open a hole in the side for access permanently to his stomach. After installing the fistula just reach into the stomach of the cow to get a sample of the food to be analyzed. To avoid leaving the gastric juices, the fistula is provided with a plastic stopper which enables the cow a "normal" life.  The purpose of this method is to investigate the digestive process of each feed...

The ruminal cannual - permanent access to a cow's stomach to analyse the feed process to maximise meat and milk production. Beyond repulsive and heartbreaking.

the lives and interests of others are NOT ours to steal away. take a moral stand against animal cruelty and exploitation. learn reverence for life. be vegan. no more excuses! you can start today.

Halal slaughter

farm animals halal slaughtered in which the animal has her or his throat cut while fully conscious.

Article. Read more here.  These cows are beaten for no reason other than they are there, and under the power of degenerate dairy workers. Meanwhile, any video that shows the truth is destroyed, and any people who try to speak out are silenced. We MUST ALL raise our Voices so that we can end all cruelty and abuse. The people that hurt animals are the same people that abuse children, abuse women, and are more likely to commit rape and murder. We MUST stop the evil. Raise your voice, save…

Milk Means Misery [ARTICLE] Please read this if you consume dairy products. We all need to make informed choices. The companies that profit from these lives won't tell you the truth. It is up to us to change things.

4th most inteeligent animal on earth and we have put them in concentration camps to kill by the billions each year...so we can eat bacon.....as a species, we humans are an abomination to all others, and to God

With so much suffering in the world, how can we inflict or support more of it? How, in the face of such suffering, can we be anything but kind? Please put your compassion into action - please go vegan.

The price of milk (explain this...) - This is your dairy. Also worth noting that this is clearly taking place on a "humane" free range farm. Babies are still always taken from their mothers and either made into dairy cows or veal, no matter what kind of farm they live on.

cow milk is for baby cows - if you have even a heart this will give you the saddies

Mini Jersey calf. Friggin adorable.

Miniature dairy cow how utterly sad. The ear tags are symbols of slavery. Mothers and babies deprived of each other so humans can suck their milk.

True. Makes me so sad.

Stop eating meat and take a step towards ending the violence towards animals. Go Vegan, fellow Christians, Animals Have Souls!