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Do I run?  Yes.  Out of patience, fucks, & money.

Job & Work quote & saying Do I run? Out of patience, fucks, & money. The quote Description Do I run? Out of patience, fucks, & money.

Yes please

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It's exhausting! Why do they love to dance on the last tiny shred of a nerve that I am so desperately clinging for dear life to? <---- this mama is on the money 😂

OMG yes. #funny  http://pishposhbaby.com

OMG yes. #funny http://pishposhbaby.com

Get your meme on!

Cause you do like to deep throat shit don't ya MANdy....too bad you can't suck your own dick!

Well, maybe not the best insult as apparently you couldn't deep throat for shit and sucked in bed. Maybe that's why you had to initiate sex all the time - I saw your messages hehehe

wtf: I'm done chasing people who aren't willing to do the same for me, or even meet me halfway. After today, the ice cream man can go fuck himself.

Fuck the ice cream man, the mail man, and the pizza delivery girl.she's on my list to pursue next.

Me describing Weldon and Teena's current address on Park Ave and new place on Hogg Expwy, "darling I love you but give me Park Avenue! Hahaha

Lmaooooo I have a great life but some of the shit I come across is purely comical and no I can't make it up. Sounds like it but definitely not the case.

My bf knows this all too well!

I'm sorry for the potty word but this is what I hear when someone texts me "K." So funny!