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I heard Lily and James Potter--------> I'm pretty sure I heard Silena Beauregard-------> I heard Octavian. oh wait-------> is it just me or did I hear Tris Prior?<<<< I heard Newt.<<< did anyone else hear primrose?

*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom*

*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom* <----- the Harry Potter fandom? every fandom is part of that fandom. if you're not a potterhead, you're not in any other fandom! Harry Potter is the basic fandom, and most people's first *coughs* me *coughs*

20 YEARS me andd my daughter about Percy jackson book

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Lol so true...

People need to learn this…

blueboxcompanion: “ dauntless-rebel-shadowhunter: “ amandaonwriting: “ Reading can be dangerous. ” I’m often in the Lost to Reality Reading area. ” What is “casual reading” that concept is foreign to.

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Fanfiction-- Sometimes the scariest part of the fandom things fangirls write for fun something written to give other fangirls feels<<keep adding in the comments to the Fangirl Dictionary

Percy Jackson, Eragon, and Aang fight over which of their movies was the worst.

I have never seen the Eragon movie. I haven't seen the Avatar the Last Airbender movie either, but I heard it was really bad. The Percy Jackson movies were horrible. From what I heard I think ATLA movie takes the prize for the worst.

I am a huge book geek. And proud.

"The adventures I enjoy are usually of the literary nature." "That's a really fancy way of saying 'I'm a huge geek'." "I'm using this phrase from now on.

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Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson crossover. Multifandom HP THG PJO<--- is it just me or does Katniss look super short?