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 this is the most accurate representation of Luke Hemmings

"He is a majestic creature" Luke Hemmings "All Legs That Boy" "Hair and Hair again" 5 Seconds Of Summer<<<<this is just funny bc it's the truth

Why am I laughing so hard<<< BECAUSE ITS AWESOME XD

Why am I laughing so hard? Ash, I think something is wrong with your finger my friend

5sos - Google Search


Another one of my favorites is why are you all up in my grill I don't remember barbequing *Insert B word here* or just using a fandom insult that they don't get.

Luke Hemming is a bit of a badass

The 5SOS Burn Book on

Luke the savage sassy luke appreciation post. I actually quote him when I get in an argument :P

SORRY but if you wanna talk message me it won't let me comment!!! Plz im sooo bored

Not risking this! I know you guys hate chain mail, but I am NOT risking this!

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Holy shit he's so good looking why can't guys I know be that attractive and talented with an awesome taste in music

Hey so I'm gonna make a few edits coz I'm boredd :P comment a lyric that you want an edit on :) :)

This is why you should be nice to everyone<<< you never know when one of the kids in your class will end up being the hottest person alive and famous…

"Can't risk it<< I'm seeing them tonight! hopefully he laughs!!!>>>>> already heard it :)!!!!"

I dont even belive in these things but i am taking no chances dear god im tearing up that is so sad some people will never hear it.<<<<<<< I've heard it already but I'd like to again