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This was perfect Undertale x Portal 2

Everybody gets a meme

Frisk Encounters Dummy by SecretMaskedBurger on DeviantArt

*clicking toung at the top of my mouth* welp you miiiight wanna be their friend Dummy

assrieI, undertale, asriel, frisk

This is so cute. Artist unknown at the moment asrieI, undertale, asriel, frisk

What if Mettaton showed up with his camera crew just like OHH YES WHAT HAVE WE HERE SOME MISTLEOE MISCHEIF OHOHOH

I kinda ship Frisk and Pap, but then again my headcanon that Frisk is incapable of showing any emotion whatsoever kinda ruins that.

All the fallen childre  and their storys  :3

Even thought Toby said this isn't what happened to the human souls, its a neat idea. undertale, undertail, animu>>>> does anybody else always wonder what sort of soul they would have?

sharktunarts - Frisk and Toriel - comic

sharktunarts - Frisk and Toriel - I wondered the same thing, but just added game logic to it