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its not a hobby, its a post-apocalyptic life skill- Yep. Need to replace the knitting needles with a crochet hook, though.


Yarn is my favorite knitting tool, and I'm willing to bet it's yours, too. Learn it all in our class, All About Yarn.

cheaper than crack

Yarn: Cheaper Than Crack. [Although, compared to quviut or buffalo down, crack is surprisingly affordable.

Soy una tejedora, esto no significa que  vaya a tejer gratis, la lana es cara, gracias por entenderlo.

I AM A KNITTER Tee by makeone - there should've one of these for sewists, too.

Crocheter's woe

Crochet Humor - how many hooks have we found in our couches over the years?I can relate!it's usually the car seat for me [Text Reads: I would be crocheting right now, but my couch ate the hook]

To Knit or Not to Knit - now that's a silly question | Knitting Memes, Humor, and Jokes at http://intheloopknitting.com/knitting-humor/

Now, that's just a silly question. Of course, you're going to knit! A cute design in pink, green and purple with a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles on apparel and more gifts for a knitter.

I must find a way for this poster to make it to my apartment soon. Very soon.

Keep Calm and Cast on

99 parodies de laffiche Keep calm and carry on keep calm carry on affiche poster parodie 21 divers design