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Lapset hymyilevät kameralle afganistanilaisella Darul-Amanin pakolaisleirillä.
“One day or day one. It's your decision." - Motivation on the School of Greatness podcast
Today is the day ---- what if you just went for it?  |  The Fresh Exchange
One of the best pieces of advice that actually works as a key to success in life and in business has to be having the right mindset, do you agree? No matter what is happening for you today, I hope these quotes bring you a little joy. Please share your favourites and let me know in …
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I understand now that I'm not a mess - http://themindsjournal.com/i-understand-now-that-im-not-a-mess/
Fill yourself with Christ so that you overflow His love & truth onto others. Have you had your quiet time today?
in fact, those are very often the ones that change the world.  hold on
Rumi poetry art print yesterday I was clever by Riverwaystudios