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Have the prasanna master vibe to it. "Any doubts? I'm going Hindi.

Cute chibi America! Part 1/5

Hetalia - England, France, and Little America and Canada : Littles Angels ! part 1 / 5

Lol he is like, "Here is the secret behind my jacket. Now, since you know, I must kill you!"

Presenting the amazing hero coat! Now you can easily carry around all the essentials that a hero needs! (Food is not included.) Order yours today!

---HETALIA--- Building a tower of hamburgers on top of a sick person's head is always a good idea :D (This also may lead to (minor/major(?)) injuries)

Pretty please with a double cheeseburger it's no pickles on top ^///^ hetalia

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England, this one is on you. You don't just jump out and scare Americans, we shoot first and ask questions later! And also, we have trust issues. (Is it just me that thought "DANNY PHANTOM!" when America yelled 'box ghost'?

Hetalia- America. XD  I LOVE DOING THIS

I live in America and they had these tiny little carousels on the playground and every day kids would spin so fast without breaks they puked and then they get back on not three minutes later. I also do that in spinning chairs.

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Hetalia Lucius (head-canon name for Rome) with baby Lovino and Feliciano - Art by pondeco

aph america | Tumblr

XD I finally started watching Hetalia! It's kinda confusing but then its like HAHAHAHAHHAHA This is great!