America, England, France, China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Romano, Spain, Prussia, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Sealand, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, and Turkey! Wow I am a weeb...<<< Don't worry, I knew them all too.

I only got America England France Russia Belarus Ukraine Canada Italy Romano Prussia Austria Sealand Finland?

0_0 hetalia. Hetalia everywhere

Holy shit>>>> If this is fake I will cry, but for now in my innocence I shall be screaming, thankyou<<<Headcanon that Hima has met the nations and works with them to make hetalia

El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-:

[El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-] Hmmm. I'm not really a big shipper of RusAme, but this crossover of El Dorado and Hetalia made my day.