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a good box solves everything. (looks like Happy Cat) my cats never seem to lose interest in a new or used cardboard box.

Weltkatzentag Hitze-Special: Wie ein Eis-Berg zum trinken animiert | Cat Hack #2 - YouTube

Watch immediatly Aside from the idiots that think it's fun to throw a cat into water, this has got to be one of the funniest clips I've ever seen. I have never seen cats who love water as much is some of these do in this video. Funny cats in water, EPIC

Are you tired of using dusty, heavy, smelly, clumping cat litter that can be harmful to your cat’s respiratory system? We were too. That’s why we made PrettyLitter: an innovative, subscription-based health-monitoring cat litter that changes color when it detects issues with your cat’s health. It saves cats lives! In addition, it’s virtually dust-free, eco-friendly, feline-safe, and has better odor control than any other litter on the market.

Pretty Litter is a new diagnostic litter that changes color to alert cat guardians to health problems early.