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The only sport in which the coach yells at you for breathing. Sad but true.

haha  @Gracie Gohman

I explain to my swim lesson kids that it's like quarters. 4 quarters is or 4 lengths is Then they get it

I am a swimmer.

i am a swimmer. A USA swimmer

I bet there's other swimmers who feel this

Swimmers live by this!

I have this little part of my hair right above my forehead that looks kind of blonde. The rest of my hair is brown.

Yup kills my hair too

Hahaha this site. Swimming... We all have a love-hate relationship with it:)

I not only had to explain that it does not keep my hair dry. I had to explain why we wear swim caps. Oh the life of a swimmer


THIS IS SO TRUE! Not just for a football player. Anyone who plays a sport, not including cheerleading (which is a sport and is just as bad if you do it correctly), and thinks swimming isn't as bad as their sport.

What are you AFRAID of?

What are you afraid of? great motivation for health and fitness


great swim tshirt site ^^we had this this quote on the back of one of our old shirts;

That's not good.

Very, very, VERY true! Yeah like when I say my couch put me in freaking 200 BUTTERFLY! I am going to die.I just want everyone to know that my favorite flowers are lilies so you can put them on my grave.

Swimmer Girl Problems

Swimmer Girl Problems oh definately haha

<3 swim

Swimmer-issues — teenswimmer: ~ Skip Kenney, head coach for the.

so irritating! that's why I only use TYR anymore. they fit my eyes best

Definitely a swimmer problem.<<<Throwing them across the pool helps with frustration.

I guess this is mostly true. Except I'm always the first one in the pool and I LOVE morning practice!!!!

No swimmer with a brain would say this.except for the butterfly thing I know a guy on my swim team where if he could, he would do the whole practice sprint fly

Swimmer problems. Invisible wall of shame XD. Worse is when its a 50 and you totally mess up your race.

Invisible wall of shame :) Its even worse when that happens at a meat and you get a really slow time because of it!

This was so me before a meet.

All swimmers hate meet warm ups.