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I love punk Luke Hemmings

You just can't do this you can't make a punk edit of Luke he is punk enough :) but damn he be looken gooz >>>>> ok, so. He needs to dye his hair

Your board is incomplete without this.

A Place for Us - A Luke Hemmings FanFiction [On Hold] - Chapter 3 - Luke Hemmings

Luke telling a joke.....

Luke Hemmings telling a joke I remember a joke like this from Hannah Montana.Way to be original Luke.

So gay... That's rude

OMG <<< Now Luke chokes on coffee instead of cereal xD<< im sorry but ashtons not gay and lukes reaction is priceless!<< wouldntReallyMatterIfHeWasGay never ceases to make me laugh

I love it how they pick the Asian one for cALUM like gODAMN IT HES NOT ASIAN

as disney princesses. Although I think Calum would be offended. Though mulan's my absolute favorite princess (after belle because belle is exactly like me)

Calum & Luke can you stop being so perfect #cake #5SOS

5 Seconds Of Summer on

Calum & Luke can you stop being so perfect That face is creepy Luke!