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Although nobody wanted this day to come, I would like to wish Luke a happy birthday. And that he will always be our little Luke.


Imagine: You have tickets for one of the balcony seats at their concerts. Luke looks up in the middle of a song and sees you.<<holy sh*t stop giving me heart palpitations.


your number one source for all things related to the band 5 seconds of summer.

HE'S WEARING A HAT! wow, that is awesome. Luke Hemmings at his best everyone!

HE'S WEARING A HAT! Luke Hemmings at his best everyone! <<<< Its called a snapback.

this was so uncalled for

You're welcome Luke girls >>> *whispers, with tears in my eyes* thank you

I love this so much!!!!!! Ahhh

Heart light •Muke•

Mom: is on TV Me:Leaves work, trips, throws the table out of the way and goes and sits on the couch like that It is all true

I'm Luke, I'm in Five Seconds of Summer, and I love food. Music is life, and I love to have fun. My favorite animal is a penguin, of course.

when ur fav is being so problematic u love their guitar more than them

“Luke and Calum at Elvis Duran Show today 5 seconds of summer