I can see this hapenning

Even Trump is offended by this

THIS is the best pin ever! But I don't think the annabeth and Jason thing isn't completely true, cuz in the lost hero they talked, but if it happened it would be a little awkward<- one friend patting the other friend on the back? Oh yes, very awkward



Jason and Frank could stand to learn a thing or two about being good boyfriends. And yes we looove percy

Aww, I'd stop reading if a guy asked me. :D<<< I would stop reading if a hot guy like Percy asked me. I, however, would not stop reading if a guy like Octavian asked me.<<< If a guy asked me to stop reading, I'd probably say.

No comment lol

Then when Percy and Annabeth come back, they see their children sitting in the middle of chaos, and forbid the godly parents from ever babysitting again.