this is the greatest thing l have ever seen!

You can only push a girl so far…

Swiper No Surviving. Swiper No Surviving coming to a theatre near you. HOLD THE PHONE OP if its directed by micheal bay then why isn't dora an 18 year old latina with DD titties? Swiper No Surviv

Things could have been so different…

Things could have been so different…

Funny church sign: "I wish Noah had swatted those two mosquitoes.

It got intense.

trading candy (truth) This was my sister and I EVERY Halloween.and sometimes Easter too.


I tried to scroll past this. It's really not "funny" to people who've been through a tornado, but as a Wizard of Oz reference, HILARIOUS

Best Reunion Photo - I used to hate this movie but I mean this is still cool

"The Little Rascals" movie cast recreated their poster from 20 years ago in the most awesome picture ever!