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I got Prince Eric! Quiz: Which Disney Prince is Your Soulmate? Oh my goodness, the whole time I was taking this quiz I was hoping for my man Prince Eric!

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I particularly like this chord chart because it gives the notes on each string. Once you know those, you can start inverting and building chords yourself

Here are a few cool tips, tricks and hidden gems for your next trip to Disneyland.

16 Cool Tips, Tricks and Hidden Gems for Your Next Disneyland Trip. or your first Disneyland trip. or your dream Disneyland trip, you know. for when you're dreaming of Disney.

"Disney Princess Impressions. This may have been extra funny because I watched it at 1 in the morning. But it was also really impressive. Her Belle impression was scary accurate." didn't actually watch yet but i will

Super amazing nerdy girl impersonates all the Disney princesses up to Rapunzel. Also includes some of the forgotten princesses, like Meg, Nala, and Tiger Lily.

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Every girl secretly wishes to be a princess so take this quiz to find out which Disney Princess you are! I'm a sucker for quizzes (especially DISNEY ones), so of corse I took this!

Quiz: Which Disney Princess are You? | Quiz | Oh My Disney

Quiz: Which Disney Princess Are You?

Mulan Princess BFF answer: Who wouldn’t want their best friend to be the girl who saved China? Mulan would make a great best friend for you because she could teach you new hobbies (like archery and fan skills) and join you in epic sing alongs.

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Toy Story 1995 - A Disney and Pixar Movie - Watch This Great Animated Movie Online for Free