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Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley Percy Ignatius Weasley Biographical information Born 22 August , 1976 Blood status P.

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Harry Potter valentines. Wingardium love-iosa~

Clever Harry Potter valentines

Twilight & Harry Potter  Everything that's wrong with Hollywood. :) J.K. (No not Rowling... just kidding(sigh)

So true! Twilight “werewolves” are not werewolves! Stephanie Meyer has said herself! Those are shape shifters. There is an older tribe called the children of the moon that are real werewolves.

I got: Molly Weasley! Which Heroic Harry Potter Character Are You?

Fred and Angelina at the Yule Ball.

Fred and Angelina at the Yule Ball. Where has this photo been all this time? AND LOOK AT FRED'S HAIR. My friend and I renamed "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire" to "Harry Potter and The Year of Bad Hair"

Watch the kids from Harry Potter grow up.  I dare you to make it all the way through without crying

Ok, about 50 Harry Potter "Awww" moments with this click. :) Dare you not to cry.


Check out these 12 profound quotes from Harry Potter movies that we can apply to everyday life every one a applicable to standards we should hold dear!

Ministry of Magic

Ministry of Magic