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Animoitu kuva

Animoitu kuva

Will you marry me?

Maggie & Glenn ~ The Walking Dead! Cutest couple ever!

Glenn Rhee & Negan in The Walking Dead 7.01: ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’

The Walking Dead, season episode 1

Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead: Character posters: 13 of 16

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The walking dead, min season finale for season 4

Glenn, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Glenn Rhee

rick & glenn

Observation Introduction - This is Rick and Glenn after Glenn saved Rick from being swarmed by walkers (zombies) in Atlanta, and then the two become friends and survive together as the show progresses on. Glenn becomes one of Rick's most trusted allies

Omfg this breaks my heart.  Poor Glenn. Poor Maggie!

Omfg this breaks my heart.

Photos - The Walking Dead - Season 5 - Promotional Episode Photos - Episode 5.12 - Remember - BTS - b3601dd1-17f8-7c1e-f9a9-1565341f8a54_TWD_512_GP_0930_0416

One of the badass walking deadZ!

Abraham & Sasha 6x09 'No Way Out'

Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams shooting walkers to save Glenn Rhee and Alexandria ● Season 6 Episode 9 ■ "No Way Out"