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Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood in the film 'Willow'. Image description: in a scene from the film, Willow, who is about 4 feet tall, sits astride a horse. He wears medieval style clothing and a cape.

Diana/••••w/Ron Howard and George Lucas

Warwick Davis meets Diana as Ron Howard and George Lucas look on at the Premiere of 'Willow' at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, in aid of the Wishing Well Appeal for the Redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Warwick Davis (February 3, 1970) British actor, o.a. known from the Harry Potter movie series.

Warwick Davis (February British actor, o. known from the Harry Potter movie series.

Willow. best movie of my childhood

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para sempre cinderela

"And while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived." By far my favorite movie

Val Kilmer as Iceman from Top Gun! Saw it for the first time this weekend...LOVED IT!!

Everyone went nuts over Maverick (Tom Cruise) but I was crazy for Iceman (Val Kilmer).

the "Heavy" in Rob Roy

Kyle says that this costume, worn by Tim Roth in 'Rob Roy' is also acceptable.