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Hippopotamus are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and are around 6 feet tall weighing upwards of pounds

Baby hippopotamus swimming.

"Our little glamour girl, Devi the hippo calf, is gracing this month’s cover of ZOONOOZ" [San Diego Zoo]. Glamour girl indeed!

There are just 4,240 black #rhinos left in the world. Photo credit: Federico Veronesi/www.federicoveronesi.com

AWF – Check out the Rhino!

There are just black rhinos left in the world. Photo credit: Federico Veronesi I think I shall give him the right of way!

Hippo Blog #4: Baby Steps Forward | Cincinnati Zoo Blog

Since Fiona was born at least 6 weeks premature, this means she has finally reached her original due date, and at over

Eland leaping when spooked by a Lion 109_0967_RJ

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿⊱Africa’s largest antelope: Elands can grow to a mass of about The amazing thing is that even though they weigh so much, they’re able to jump about meters into the air from a stand-still.

Hippo Kisses

Funny pictures about Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother. Also, Baby Hippo Kissing His Mother photos.


Hippo- Mother and baby at Dublin Zoo. The word ‘hippopotamus’ is Greek for ‘river-horse’. Dublin Zoo’s hippos are called Henri, Hoovie and Heidi.

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Happy Hippo smiling hippopotamus in river . because he know someone is singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas song .