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Variksen poikanen loikkasi perävaunun kuomun päälle.

Variksen poikanen loikkasi perävaunun kuomun päälle.

The Majestic Raven - one of natures most intelligent birds, with an organized social structure very much like humans. Able to imitate any sounds including other birds, animals and the human voice. Spiritually Ravens have the power to carry consciousness to alternate dimensions, realities and the spirit world.

10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens Mental Floss (bb: fascinating is not an overstatement.


Wrought Iron painted black, and crow naturally black. Look closer and you will observe that the black is something very special - amazing lustres of dark metallic blues combining to what we can only see as black from a distance.

Deviser by ReneCampbellArt on deviantART

rene-art: “ Deviser Illustrative interpretation of the Crow; this time with some digital colour! Got a bit lazy with it but it will do!

the-l-o-o-k-b-o-o-k: |⚜ Corvus Corax | Rachid H| B & W | monochromatic | lookbook

Heading for the walls of the stronghold in the Black Mountains. 'the Alchemical Queen'

Crow silhouette

This untraveled road by tfk. Alice, dayton, seth, nate and a few others including valient are linked togeather so they can communicate without speaking.

The Art Reference Blog | shaylorphoto: The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a...

shaylorphoto: “ The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a conservation charity that works in the fields of conservation, rehabilitation, education and research of birds of prey. I spent a day there.

Your daily raven via Wendy Davis Photography FB

Read "The Raven's Call" on Wattpad Your daily raven by Wendy Davis Photography

beautiful raven

This carrion crow came and perched next to me the other day at Clapham Common, SW London; they seem to be getting much bolder these days.

Saw many crows on my recent visit to Amsterdam: "The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions.