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Wooden Spring Tongs ??A great all-around kitchen utensil. By David Radtke Here’s a great kitchen utensil you’re sure to find indispensable. These wooden tongs feature a unique spring tab mechanism built into a knuckle joint. The joint allows the tongs to be folded flat for storage. When the tongs are opened up, the spring tabs contact each other so the tongs want to spring back open. This is the same …

Wooden Spring Tongs

Travel Mug Woodworking Project for the Lathe. http://www.wwgoa.com/article/travel-wooden-mug-project-for-the-lathe/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=A224 #WWGOA

How to Make a Wooden Mug

Learn how to make a wooden mug with these essential woodworking tips and techniques. Discover how to turn your own beautiful travel mug on the lathe.

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The Top 10 Woodworking Ideas & Skills

Whether you're banding a tabletop or making a picture frame, make sure the wood color and the grain pattern match at the miters. Selecting matching wood at the lumberyard takes only a few extra seconds and gives you much better-looking miters.

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This table design is classic. A fun project for a beginner woodworker.

Small Folding Table [UPDATED]

Although this is not an original project I assume there is some reader which doesn't know this great table design.I made a small table/large stool, but of course you can modify the project to obtain a real table.