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I might as well call you "Bridge to Terabithia" because you make children cry. - Jess ~ New Girl

Third Wheel Costumes- How I Met Your Mother Gray Castillo I'm so doing this next year with you and Gerson! Third-wheeling like a boss.

Love it

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: 2014 Edition

'You killed our love fern.' Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey as Alex and Ben (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,

Lilly and Marshall are the greatest....Also, Romeo and Juliet die.

Screw Romeo and Juliet. I want a love like Marshmallow and Lily pad.

The new girl... PREACH!

Single girls may get a bad rap, but I'm here to defend them. Despite what society may believe, being single is more of choice than you think. Every time I pass a couple fighting on the street, I say to myself: I'm so glad that isn't me.

Sooooo funny! Schmidt from the New Girl

Whenever you accidentally go to a bar in a college neighborhood. The 27 Most Relatable Schmidt Quotes

modern family


OMG - I've lost my perspective on life and what is really important!!

The queen of first world problems…

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim: I lost my earrings in the ocean. Kourtney: Kim, there's people that are dying.

Relive the 50 most hysterical moments from "The Office" before Dunder Mifflin closes its doors forever.

50 Funniest Moments From 'The Office'

The world needs more Harry Potter references. The Office + Harry Potter

What was Gordo actually thinking when Lizzie yelled she wanted a bra? | 23 Questions All "Lizzie McGuire" Fans Need An Answer To

What was Gordo actually thinking when Lizzie yelled she wanted a bra?

The Lizzie McGuire Movie.I vividly remember this moment and Gordo's face.

all my favorite movies! 90's kid! - Click image to find more Film, Music & Books Pinterest pins

Disney Channel Original Movies aka my childhood + Nostalgic moment.Old Disney Channel was so good. I miss all of these movies!