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Haha WHAT NOW DAN jkjk I luv himmmm------ i saw this a long time ago but I had no idea who it was at the time

AmazingPhil (yes that's a fandom, quiet down.)>>>>> WAIT HE WAS THE ONE WHO DID THIS THE WHOLE TIME

AmazingPhil (yes that's a fandom, quiet down.) >>> This is why I love Phil so much. He actually cares about people, and he genuinly loves them.


His eyebrows widen in surprise…

His eyebrows widen in surprise--I don't know what book that's from, but that is hilarious! XD>> Erwin is that you?

I hear my phone beep and open up the text. I click the video and this starts playing. I decide to go along with it and smile when the number hits zero. I laugh as he 'takes the picture.' I wait till I've stopped laughing before texting back, 'Phil, you do

I'm so famous even Phill wants my photo (even though I refuse to leave my safety blanket bundle)