This is the guys hair not a wig I follow him on instagram lol but ight

EMO Style Blonde Human Hair Wig. Unisex, One Size

Emo boy with adorable glasses on him and I always wanted to do that with my pictures but I don't know how, does anyone know how to do it?

Emo boy with adorable glasses and an Asking Alexandria shirt? Yes please also double the cutness

This is beautiful. Emos may be sad and depressed but it may just spark their compassion for the younger generation so they don't have a hard life.

My little sister is going to think punk/goth/emo people are awesome because I'm an emo, her nanny is a retired punk chick and our mom is badass

Hi I'm Gabriel I'm shy and sweet I love skateboarding.......I'm single and last relationship didn't end well *frowns* so yeah come say hi

I was walking around the school skypeing my best friend who went to another school when I bumped into someone. My best friend just laughed and I stuttered an apology.


hey I'm Dominic, in 19 singla, I'm what the preps call an emo gay yea.that's all I got bye"