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memes yaoi 7w7 - meme 149

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Shichibukai !!! JACKPOT !!!!! LAW I'M COMMING !!!!!!!!!!

I'd suppose Fairy Tail considering there numbers and powerful wizards. But what about Chu?

9348_10151419403861767_1575255591_n.jpg 360×608 pixels.I am a taurus.The description fits me perfectly!Comment and let us know which one you are!

Anime horoscope a Sagittarius ♐️<< I'm Cancer! ♋️^^^Scorpio♏️>>>>>I'm a Pisces♓, but it and Aquarius should really be switched>> I'm Gemini ♊ but why is she piiink?

lol Levi, we would be  the worst siblings together by wrecking the house

this'll be interesting since Kaneki's my anime sibling, am I half ghoul too?

Mulan: Shang's Journey of Self Discovery Part VI

I don't support gay decisions or foul language but I'm sorry guys this is funny