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Im apart of the: Supernatural Doctor Who Merlin Pokemon Sherlock Narnia Harry Potter Maze Runner The Hunger Games Avengers The fault in Our Stars Disney Divergent Vocaloid Avatar Fandom What is life?

I need a doctor or THE doctor see what i did there?<<<......wow. I am not even in that fandom.<< good job fellow whovian.

I need a doctor or THE doctor see what i did there? I am not even in that fandom.<<<<<<IM LAUGHING SOO HARD XD<<<< as a Whovian I love this so much, Sherlock deduced that I had SFD and Sam and Dean are researching it to see if it's deadly

Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock

The Houses.

Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock + Harry Potter? River needs her own house, she is all of these and more.

Supernatural: Dean?; Castiel; Jo; Dick; Ruby; Balthazar; Gabriel; Sam?; Destiel/Sabriel?; Balthazar/Crowley, Dean/Jo, Dean/Sam, Dean/Lisa.

If I am not in a fandom, feel free to ask again, or look at my boards to know which fandoms I'm in. That way you don't have to guess again! (I'm currently in the Hetalia fandom)

Lion King, Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars, Cinderella, The Lord of the Rings, and the Jungle Book. Lol!! Unfortunately, not everyone in Middle-Earth lived happily ever after; Meriadoc and Peregrin died; Rosie Cotton died and Samwise sailed away to Valinor...Aragorn's life ended, and Legolas finally "followed his heart's desire" and went across the sea as well, taking one of his dearest friends with him, Gimli.

Funny pictures about And everyone lived happily ever after. Oh, and cool pics about And everyone lived happily ever after. Also, And everyone lived happily ever after.

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Born Like An Artist. Not just being an artist though, everything, life in general, every dream. No borders.