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Two and a Half Men... great comedy... and loved Charlie Sheen... nhave to still see the Ashton Kutcher one... but lets just say am in no hurry...

Dead show walking.

I currently do not watch TV very often but "Two and a half men" is my favorite show. Charlie Sheen was really funny back then, I stopped watching the show when he left.

Famous Costumes Posters | Movies by Frederico Birchal, via Behance

Famous Costumes Posters by Frederico Birchal

Brazil-based Illustrator Frederico Birchal has created a series of minimalistic posters featuring the costumes of popular movies and TV shows.

Charlie Harper/ Two and a Half Men - wears a Rolex Yachtmaster luxury watch

5 reasons Charlie Sheen needs to be on the Two and a Half Men series finale

Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) - illustration by Alex Gallego #Caricature - http://dunway.com  13.5. 2016 www.nco.is IoT, www.netkaup.is

Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer (Illustration of Alex Gallego)

old two and a half men!

Dirty movie joke from Two and a Half man. Jake do you know the first postition?

Does anyone else see this and just assume the "half man" is Legolas?  No one can argue Aragorn's manly-manness. So between Gimli and Legolas, ask yourself: which is more manly, and which is prettier than most of the female population of middle earth?  I think you know the answer.

The Original Two and A half Men, Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn. The Lord of the Rings.

Two and a half men

Funny pictures about Love is not blind. Oh, and cool pics about Love is not blind. Also, Love is not blind.