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Ah, the conundrums of the English language. Being the hodge podge of several languages makes it the most difficult language to learn. So if it's your native language, be proud you know it .

Okay like this isn't actually true right? This is a prank post right?

This is a prank post right?< hot cocoa is made on a stove with cocoa powder, sugar, salt and hot water.

this is an interesting perspective. don't know if i agree with it, but it's a thought anyways.

I am pro-choice not because I think abortion is a good thing, but because pro-choice policies have been proven again and again to actually DECREASE abortion rates, whereas pro-life policies INCREASE them.

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i found out that the worlds largest ikea isnt even in sweden it's in south korea sweden is a lie ikea is a lie. BARCODES ARE A LIE

Why our numbers are the way they are.

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A Man Wanted Divorce From His Wife. This Conversation With His Lawyer Is Priceless. | Surveee

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What on earth!!!!

The first time I did this I git but then I did it again and I got The trick is to add the & 10 together first. They'll add up to then just add the four You'll get the right answer the very first run time